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    A lot of web hosting companies now tend to utilise discounts and coupons to try and attract brand new customers to the company. Of course, these discounts are temporary so if the customer stays on with your company, you will sooner or later end up recouping any of the lost profit that the discounts took. But do you think they are effective at bringing in new customers and getting loyal customers? Or do you think it only encourages people to keep switching web hosts to keep taking advantage of discounts and various coupons?

    And what would be the largest discount you would offer to a brand new customer as a web hosting company owner?

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    I believe that the discounts and coupons are just like appetizers for new customers to patronize the hosting company. Now, this is not the important part because getting a new is easy but keeping them is where the big task lies.

    Now, it's in the interest of the hosting company that offered great discounts to ensure that their hosting services are worth sticking with because I believe that when a new user is absolutely satisfied with what he gets in terms of hosting services, he would like stay put.


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      I think coupons and discounts is a really effective strategy of attracting and keeping new customers. Web hosting has a lot of competition. You need to keep checking on other people's prices and adjusting your accordingly, unless you can provide a service that distinguishes you from the rest and is worth the extra money that you want your clients to pay. I guess you need to distinguish your service by providing things like excellent customer response and quick service. I still think coupons and discounts are the way to go. You can't get away from it because everyone is doing it, and people like free things. Why spend 5 dollars when you can spend 3?


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        Yes, they are an excelent strategy and most deffinely will bring you back results depending on how good your offer is. Since most people this days lean to save money or take more advantage of the money they currently have, provifing a way for them to do so while also helping yourself by attracting more people to your site is a great plan and has worked for many.


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