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ESDS Enlight CDN- The Fastest & Cost-Effective CDN in India

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  • ESDS Enlight CDN- The Fastest & Cost-Effective CDN in India

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    The low loading speed of websites and applications often results in user frustrations and dissatisfaction, resulting in lower user-experience. In order to avoid user concerns related to latency, bandwidth exhaustion and increased traffic surge, a CDN solution is needed. Addressing the growing business demands, ESDS has developed India’s Fastest & Cost-Effective CDN solution, Enlight CDN.

    To address the needs of geographically spread users, ESDS has multiple PoPs all over India that are capable of handling volume bandwidth. Enlight CDN has a multi-level architecture that provides access to the nearest node and reduces the burden on the origin server. Enlight CDN is a complete secure CDN solution that is further enhanced and secured through ESDS WAF and VTMScan solution offerings developed in-house at ESDS.

    Why ESDS Enlight CDN?

    Routing & Real-Time Network Traffic Analysis:

    The Enlight CDN network is deployed on the most-advanced routing systems with an algorithm-based network latency for destination networks. Network routing has been optimized on data using real-time inspection.

    Best-in-Class DDoS Protection:

    Enlight CDN has been developed using the latest DDoS solution based on DPDK. ESDS deploys round-the-clock monitoring for blocking and detection of all major attack types.

    Deployment Models of Enlight CDN:

    Website Acceleration:
    Enlight CDN is the right solution for websites that demand acceleration of portals, eCommerce sites and the ones supporting user-generated content.

    Download Acceleration:

    Enlight CDN can also be further applied to download tools and download services over HTTP and HTTPS. The increased number of services such as applications and games also need client software to be upgraded in real-time.

    Video on Demand (VOD) Acceleration:

    Customers leveraging on-demand audio and video services compulsorily demand an Edge Cloud. Enlight CDN offers a faster, reliable and secure video-on-demand acceleration for video and audio services by delivering content across all edge nodes.

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