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Which domain extension is the best for a blog

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  • Which domain extension is the best for a blog

    We have popular TLDs like dot com,dot net and dot org which domain extension will be good for a blog that a owner would want it to be an authority in that niche.Like I want to start a teenage blog with good and unique content,which extension will be good and why?

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    Well for me I will always go for the dot com extension because it most popular domain extension for blogs and forums .so I will advise you go for the dot com extension and maybe go for others if the dot com extension has been used by another person.


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      I think it really depends as to whether you're trying to be country specific or global. If you're just trying to target a particular region then I think using the suffix that relates is helpful, but if you're going for a global audience then .com.


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        Absolutely agree with you, it depends on the scale of the desired audience.

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      Yup and they have this .eu too, right? I have my blogs in under google and I really don't know the differences between these suffixes. All I know is that these are required to have you blogs up and running online. Not unless there is some amount of payment that needs to be made, I doubt if they really make any difference. Or do they?


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        I am actually not that educated about the suffixes but all I know is that dot (.) com is the most popular and does apply globally. In terms of country specific, having a domain extension of a country specific suffix like .au for australia and .kr for south korea, then I guess you should use that kind of extension. However, for me, is much better because that's the domain extension I am most aware of and I believe a lot of people as well.


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          I have limited knowledge about this but still I want to share what I know. .com is the most used domain for business, but if your blog is for personal gain and you do not want it to be a business or income. I recommend other domain such as .io because nowadays this gain popularity and is actually on trend and easily be remembered. But pay attention to your website name as well, do not choose a very long name or people would forget it.


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            A .com always goes best for blogs.
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