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How videos hook your customers to your website

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  • How videos hook your customers to your website

    Videos are a great way to keep your customers hooked to your website as it takes longer to watch a certain video, the customer spends more time on your website. This can be very beneficial for your websites and your SEO. If you use4 excellent animated explainer videos or regular videos for your website content or marketing you may get a good chance of building trust with google as it will give great signals to the search engines that people spend more time on your website and that why it has good content. And this will create a chance that your website will appear often in the search engine results. Did you know about this?

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    Yes you are right Videos is the best way to hook customers, or let your costumers to stay on your website for more time, However, if you want your visitor to become your daily customer, then you have to give some reward or discounts or anything else, So if your store is on woocommerce, you can install Referral System for WooCommerce this plugin can get this job done easily.


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