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What is the idea behind kids book illustrations? Is it worthy to use them?

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  • What is the idea behind kids book illustrations? Is it worthy to use them?

    Books are a tool of expression and mostly the books are written to express ideas and thoughts. However, the case with the kids book is a bit different and they could be to make kids have knowledge and understanding to be increased at that basic level. Yet one thing that I found out about kids book recently was that most of the kids book has illustrations and I got to a question about what is the idea behind these kids book illustrations? I mean why do people use it mostly and why not just words are enough to express the idea in there? Moreover, one thing that I also have as a question here is that what is the worth of these illustrations being used in the kids book? Is there someone who has got ideas about it and can comment on this thing with some reasons of why is it? And please also comment if it is really worth then what are some ways to find amazing illustrations in this context. I might need it for a kids book project that I am currently working on.

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