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Do you prefer streaming movies or going to the cinema?

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  • Do you prefer streaming movies or going to the cinema?

    Movies are a part of our lives. It helps us forget, just for a few hours, any problems that we are currently facing. It entertains us and it gives us different emotions - love, happiness, sadness, pain, suspense, fear and others.

    Nowadays, with the rise of the digital era, it's now easy for us to watch a movie through different platforms available online.

    That said, are you the type who would still go to a movie house to watch a movie? Or, do you prefer streaming it online?

    Share your thoughts here!

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    I know that streaming is getting to be popular because of the convenience since you are staying at home. But I personally prefer going to the cinema to enjoy not only the movie but also the food and sometimes the shopping as well. Watching a movie is like a package that gives me total enjoyment which I couldn't get with streaming movies.


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      I think watching at home is much better, cause I think its much more comfortable at home.


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        Seriously, the cost of data makes it almost impossible to stream any movies online here in my country. We don't have free Wi-Fi to use for our internet usage, so I prefer going to the cinema to watch movies.

        I'm looking forward to April 26, when Avengers End Game will be released.


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          Depends on Movies.And Series Offocurse Stream using wolowtube.


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