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The reason behind the excessive use of mobile applications over websites

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  • The reason behind the excessive use of mobile applications over websites

    Today, businesses are really concern about the effectiveness of their marketing strategies; it is because of the fact that there is a constant increase in the business competitive market. Therefore, a study conducted and concluded specifically in Montreal that confirms mobile application to be more effective than websites. So, if you are a business and interested in enhancing your marketing, then hire the best mobile app developers in Montreal for your respective business.

    The reason for this effect is that an application can load much faster than a mobile website. Moreover, applications can operate online and in some cases offline as well. In addition, the accessibility of application is more efficient than that of a website.

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    Last year I was focused on the increasing number of mobile users that some IT experts are saying that websites should be responsive - capable of operating in the mobile app. During that time I had noticed that some of the forums that I go to wouldn't run properly on my phone because of compatibility issues. I didn't know that using mobile does not access the website but just the app and the app is the one that accesses the data of the website. Anyway, my take on websites now is that 60% for the mobile and 40% and maybe even lesser for the computer browsers.


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      Yes, that is very true The use of mobile applications has increased in a dramatic manner in recent days. People are preferring to use their mobile phones to do most of there online activities these days. Some very interesting and useful apps have been developed recently which help in simplifying your life and they are also very easy to use. It does make a lot of sense in investing in the Business of Mobile apps as it is going to increase even more in the coming days.


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        I think that technology has evolved in so many ways. The improvement and development gives convenience in our daily life. The innovators/developers has captured the heart and mind of their users. We are able to access website than the older days thru the use of mobile phone. I think that it is a healthy competition among those developers to create or invent ways that benefits their user. Every complains and appreciation of users is a product creation. I just hope that product or services be produce at it's best quality not to be abused by the user.


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          Well, the obvious reason would be how mobile friendly these applications are when compared to making use of websites. It's so very easy to make use of mobile applications and it comes with lots of other privileges. Take for example, I make use of mobile banking applications but never internet banking because I find it very easy to use the applications instead of using website.


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