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Facebook has an ongoing crack down on fake followers and likes

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  • Facebook has an ongoing crack down on fake followers and likes

    In the recent months, it was getting prevalent for sellers of Facebook likes and followers to receive complaints. In other words, the Facebook likes that they sold were fake that were probably the product of bots which means the likes were not created by humans. That also goes with the number of followers of Facebook Pages. Now that Facebook learned of the modus operandi of some smart guys, Facebook is now doing a random audit of the likes and followers of Facebook Pages. When determined to be fake, the Facebook Page is deleted. In the Philippines, there were more than 100 Facebook Pages with fake numbers that were deleted recently according to the Facebook's press release.

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    It is a good move and facebook should be heralded over this. Unfortunately, the move is long overdue.

    I have my own issues with facebook. It is high time that they begin sharing revenue with its users. It happens that they have profited from subscribers sweat for too long.


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      Actually the issue with fake accounts have been something that I have been thinking about how activities go on in facebook. It is nice that the team is looking at how they are going to make the necessary moves to ensure that everything works for the better and bring an end to the issue of fake accounts on their social media platform.


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