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For freelancing, what type of work would earn me the most?

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  • For freelancing, what type of work would earn me the most?

    I am a freelancer for some years already but on a part time basis only. This is my way getting some benefits for my spare time. Instead of doing nothing or just watching tv, I would somehow earn even just coins in a day. It makes me feel proud of that. But when I retire from my office job 4 years from now I don't think my present style of freelancing can even earn me my daily lunch. I have been advised to be do affiliate marketing but I have no website of my own.

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    I also think that you should do affiliate marketing. I think that in 4 years you still have the time to set up a website and grow your audience.Most people give up on affiliate marketing because it takes time to set up your site and grow your audience.If I were you I would take a course on affiliate marketing, where you will find a mentor to guide you through all the steps.They are sites that give you a free website and providing one on one help for a fee offcourse. In the 4 years you still have left to work you have the flexibility to test what works and does not and to settle on a niche.All the other freelancing gigs are labor intensive and maybe not be best for retirement.


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      You can try blogging and vlogging.These two will give you the opportunity to be creative and unique and you would work at your own pace and space to make your money.If you have another passion like dropshipping,then you can add to will net you good money.Affiliate marketing is good too but you must choose the program wisely.


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        I would say that the greatest skill that you can have as a freelancer that can yield significant earnings would be Google Adwords. I know someone who has this skill and is employed full-time, he earns north of $1000 a month. I believe that everything can be learned no matter how young or old you are so it's not too late.

        You can check out Udemy for paid courses, and it will only cost you about $11 each. All the best!


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          I do graphic design work in my spare time on Fiverr and UpWork. They don't pay much but I don't think its going to replace my main source of income anytime soon. The problem with online jobs is that you're not really secured to a stable income. It all depends if you have any work available to do and even then that's hard.


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            If you can be able to learn a skill and make use of it on some sites, I think that you are getting earn higher. You can work on translation sites and the rest and the good thing about working on some of those sites is that you get to earn per hourly basis which is a great motivating factor as well.


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              I think that are many ways to earn online these days. If you are very active on social media platforms then you can create your own videos and earn a decent amount of money from vlogging. the other way to earn good money working online is affiliate marketing. if you are good at writing then you can definitely try to create your own blog and if your blog becomes successful then you can earn a lot of money from it.


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                Hi Corzhens, Definitely there are several alternatives to make profits online, and I agree with you that many of them leave very little profit, they will not make us rich, nor will they be abundant enough to help us support all our expenses in a situation of unemployment or retirement.

                However, if you consider yourself to be good enough in a certain area of work, considering your own experience or knowledge of it, I recommend that you evaluate offering your own service, advice or training in that area.

                If that option seems good, you could go right now creating your own network of Leads according to your own niche.


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                  It depends on the skills of the freelancer. What I noticed thought with some facebook groups and online job platforms, virtual assistants and graphic artist are in demands.


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