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Have you ever won in an online contest / raffle?

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  • Have you ever won in an online contest / raffle?

    There's a lot of online contest and raffles online, specially in social media. Do you really think such promos and gimmicks are really true? Have you tried joining one? Have any of you won anything from such online contests?

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    I have no doubts that people always win in this kind of contests, but the reality is that I have not won. This has made me adjust the way that I play them as I think that I may always end up losing more than I am going to win by playing them as well.


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      Yes, just last Sunday. I won 70 points (3rd place) which is equivalent to $0.70 in an online raffle. It's not that much, but I am delighted to get selected for it. I hope I can win again soon.


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        I never tried joining some online raffles. Honestly, I don't easily trust any websites with that kind of contest unless it is introduced by a trusted person.


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          I don't gamble online because I see this as a bet of gambling.Never gone in for any contest especially one that needs one contesting with money.I hear bogus stories of people winning huge but I have never believed any.


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