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The concept of Bitcoin mining

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  • The concept of Bitcoin mining

    Is there anyone here who can explain how the Bitcoin mining operates? I have tried logging in to a mining site and I learned that I have to stay on that web page for a long time before I earn bitcoins. My question is actually about the bitcoin mine. Who owns the mine and what does he get when there are miners on that site? To be honest, I have read a couple of discussions about the mining site but there was no clear explanation except for the chain block or whatever it is. I would appreciate your reaction to this topic.

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    Investing can be dangerous not only in cryptocurrency. There are risks in any direction of investment, therefore, before investing, you need to think through everything to minimize the risks. If you think like that, then you shouldn't buy ethereum here on, right? Guys, share your experience. What services do you use to buy cryptocurrency? Are there special sites where you can read about everything carefully, maybe some courses? Thank you all in advance.


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