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Any legit and reliable PayPal cash to bitcoin exchanger

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  • Any legit and reliable PayPal cash to bitcoin exchanger

    I was finding a while ago at YouTube some ways on how I could convert my PayPal cash into bitcoins because I want to save more fees which PayPal cannot do at some time. I want it to be converted into bitcoins so that I can easily used it for immediate withdrawals or for online payment and purchase purposes.. I was finding it hard to find those reliable and legit exchanger that I can have that is why I am asking for your thoughts and opinions about it. I guess maybe you have some little knowledge about it that would be beneficial on my part. I would like to know your experiences about it and looking forward for future uses, It is a pleasure to hear your views about it.

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    I also use PayPal, though I strictly requested its customer service to have USD as my default and not automatically convert my balance into my domestic currency. Now you may ask, why? PayPal does not have good exchange rates, so what I do is I withdraw directly the dollars to my bank and it automatically converts it to my local currency which have favorable exchange rates. I hope that's what you mean and I helped. All the best!


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