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  • Earning from a blog

    What is your opinion on the profitability of the blog? I am currently studying the viability of the blog because that is my plan when I retire from my office job in a few years from now. I had the experience of submitting blogs to a blogger and I think I am good in writing especially when the niche is my passion. What attracted me to having a blog in the future is the little or even no financial investment. Creating a blog in Blogger is free (I hope it is still free until now) and the blog can earn when monetized under the Adsense program. Now my question is the guarantee that the blog can earn a substantial amount. Maybe doing SEO work on the blog can bring it traffic but will the earnings be substantial as to cover my daily living allowance?

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    I have friend who told me about blog thing where I can earn money but of course I need a talent how will I present my blog to have viewer and that part will not be easy. Maybe I'll make a blog about clothes since I love this kind of thing.


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      I run a blog and I know owning a blog is one thing but actually making money from it is another but it is doable.just have good and unique content, optimize it to be sesrch engine friendly and then monetize it with either Google AdSense or other ad network.


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        yes,you can make money from blogging that is substantial but you need to be very active with it.You need to be updating it at lleast once daily,optimized it to be search engine friendly,use the right keyword,share it to your social media accounts,get organic traffic and then monetize it. You can try it with the free domain


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          For some writers, blogging can be profitable. There is a lot of ways to earn from blogging. Your earnings will also depend on several factors, including how often you blog, the quality of your content, how competitive your topic is, and how effective you are at generating traffic.


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