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    If you're planning to buy a new PC which would opt for buying the whole PC package from a store or buying components to assemble your PC?

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    I'm thinking the same way last year before I purchased my desktop. I would prefer to buy each of the components to assemble my PC as you can choose what brand or specifications that you like on your PC. You can purchase the processor you like, the motherboard you like, the RAM and storage, etc. While if you purchase a whole PC package, you don't have control on each of the specifications you like. You might want to purchase a PC that has a processor of i3-6100 but the bran of the RAM or motherboard is not the one that you're planning. You can also purchase each components with a discounted price. You just need to research and wait patiently. You can save a lot of money if you purchase each of the components to assemble your PC.


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      I prefer buying branded computer for ready use. There are many consideration to assembly computer parts. I don't know any parts that's compatible to other parts. It will only confuse me. Price wise, assembled maybe cheap than the branded. But it is always safe and convenient to use.


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        When it comes to something as a computer I prefer to buy the already assembled item. This way I have a definite claim in case something goes wrong. Usually there is a warranty with the store bought PC. For learning purposes however, I would buy the parts and assemble it myself to get the practice. My friends and I did this once only when we were learning Computer repairs (hardware).


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          No I will go for the assembled one .I wouldn't want to gamble by going for some parts it might not come perfect like the branded one and it might mean me spending more money on it. Going for the assembled one is the best for me.


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            I will go for the stored bought I will buy the one that have been put together and is in top shape before leaving he will be better that one which will show that I bought a functional PC.


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