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What to you is the best Windows version?

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  • What to you is the best Windows version?

    I've been using Windows since 95 and for ne the best ever Windows version is XP. What do you think is the best version of Windows?

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    Support for older Operating Systems like Windows XP and Windows Vista has already been ended. I would say you want to upgrade or use the latest Windows version(Windows 10). It's faster to boot and there's some features that are not available in Windows XP. Some latest software is also not compatible now on older Windows versions. You may not receive the latest Windows patch vulnerabilities and it may cause your devices at risk on the latest threats. It's recommended to use the latest versions to recieve the latest patch vulnerabilities to make sure your devices are secured.


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      The Windows OS that has worked best in my experience is Windows XP. It was the system I had been using for the longest time with no issues. None of the newer versions have come close. I am yet to find one which works as effectively.


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