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What is the best RAM GB for a PC

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  • What is the best RAM GB for a PC

    I have a 2gb RAM space in my PC and im thinking of buying a new PC with a bigger RAM what the level that will be very effective to accomodate all my files and help make my system work effectively.

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    Well if your thinking about multitasking PC a good 8GB ram would be enough to support office works and a little bit of entertainment. Also when you want to have an efficient PC, you also must consider other hardware components like Motherboard and Processor. Basically having a very well balance power of every component plays a big role on the PC's efficiency.


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      The "Sweet spot" of a ram is 8GB. You might also want to upgrade your processor. I would recommend Intel series like i3 4th generation or above to prevent bottle neck. There are a lot of guides to build a mid end computer. Overall, I would suggest to have i3 series or above, 8GB or RAM. Any models should so. You can always check for the reviews. I'm considering upgrading my RAM since it's currently 4GB only. Based on what I have searched, any models is okay as you can't feel any difference if you're doing normal activities only. You also might want to consider the speed(Mhz) of the RAM. On a 6th generation motherboard, The speed of the RAM starts at 2133Mhz(I'm not sure). I would also say that you want to invest on a descent power supply.. 80+ bronze rating or above is already good.


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        The thing that you should note is that the need for a bigger Ram capacity depends fully on what you are using the device to do. If you are someone that is just focused on updating some minor task, then there's no need for getting a new laptop. However, the new computer will give you an opportunity to see from the other angle of life.


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          In today's technology a minimum of 8GB DDR3 RAM is required to install the latest Windows OS and work without any issue.
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