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  • Desktop Vs Laptop

    If you were to choose from the two, what will you choose? Desktop are very good in gaming and streaming video games. I think it is cheaper when in terms of upgrading because you can just upgrade just one item from you PC. Laptops are better in terms of convenient use. Desktops and laptops almost have the same functions. Laptops are just more expensive when upgrading because you should replace the whole laptop.

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    I'll always go for a laptop. Laptops can do almost everything a desktop computer does. I can carry my laptop along with me wherever I go and it can even be used without connecting it to any power supply once it's charged. These are the two advantages it has over a desktop computer.


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      Same with Jeede, I'll opt for a laptop too. What I like about it is its mobile so you can take it anywhere you'd want to work. In your room, to a coffee shop, a friend's house, etc. Plus the fact that it has rechargeable batteries so power interruptions would not be an issue. You get limited screen sizes compared to what a desktop has to offer, but its good enough for me.


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        Well I will definitely go for a laptop. Desktops don't offer you the mobility like a laptop. One has to frequently travel for business and you always need a laptop for remaining updated with all your work. Laptops can do almost everything that a Desktop does.I guess more and more people are increasingly using a laptop instead of a desktop nowadays.


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          I was reared on a desktop, so to speak, because the official computer in our office is a desktop. But some 3 years ago, I was assigned to 2 locations for my office work so I was issued a laptop for the portability. The laptop is great because I could work even if I travel and no matter where I stay. But the downside of the laptop for me is the keyboard and the track pad. I bring a wired mouse that I use because it is inconvenient to use the track pad. With the keyboard, I just have to be content even if I am not really comfortable with the keyboard. Do I need to mention the comfort of the desktop's screen?


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            The desktop is the best than a laptop because the desktop is fixed and you don't need to worry on charging it every time, unlike the laptop, you need to charge it in an outlet every time it's in low battery.


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