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  • Windows or MAC

    What do you prefer? Personally, I don't have the experience to use MAC so I don't have the authority to speak what is the best. So I want to know from your opinions what is the difference and which would you prefer using.

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    Before I give my personal opinion about who's the best between MAC and Windows PC, I would like to share first my experiences of the two PC's and what were my observations about them. First, with MAC it's a little bit non user-friendly unlike Windows because it's a little bit complicated and it's not that easy to use unlike Windows. Just by looking for my Files, I had to spend a significant 10 minutes in order to find what I'm looking for in MAC whereas for Windows, I spend at least a minute or less because all I need is just located in one area which is the windows bar. Also, MAC PC's have confusing icons unlike the easy to distinguish icons from Windows. During my first time of using a MAC PC, I had a hard time memorizing the functions of each app icon like for example the Files, I didn't know that app icon was for Files until I clicked it unlike in Windows. It was also hard for me to look for their version of Word. However, it doesn't mean that all good things come to Windows. I actually hate the lags I get in Windows PC's unlike in MAC where everything's just fluid and fast. I actually find MAC more premium in terms of user interface, although it would also mean that it's a little bit complicated and not so simple.

    Now, for my final verdict, my personal choice for the best PC brand would be Windows. I know that there's a lot of bugs and lags in Windows PC's, however as a user I want my PC's to be user friendly and is simple yet functional. I do like MAC PC's but I guess they're just good for uses such as Photo/Video Editing and Surfing the web. Aside from those, I guess Windows PCs handle other things far better than MAC.


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      I'm not so conversant with MAC but windows because that's what I'm using with my laptop.I believe windows are more user friendly,no complications trying to use it,itvery simple to operate and can be upgraded though to the version of ones choice .from reviews I think Mac have limited functions than windows


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