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  • Best Technology invention

    What do you think which invention is the best? Personally, I am thinking of many things but computers and mobile phones are two of the best in my opinion. How about you?

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    When I first saw a mobile phone, it was a motorolla type and a bulky one, the likes that telephone linemen uses when they climb the telephone posts. But these phones gradually evolved into something much sleeker and lighter. The pcs also became the laptops that we have now. Sometimes these aren't really inventions as innovations made on the same product lines. And these innovations may pave the way for some other inventions.


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      I think its the radio frequency technology. The way how they develop wireless technology was so amazing in my opinion, it has open doors on other technology that uses radio waves. Imagine if this technology is not discovered, we will be probably living in a cable world.


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        I always marvel at the mobile phone but the most outstanding is the internet,I think the internet is the most amazing technology invention so far.Making the whole world a global village is amazing.I can connect and reconnect with my friends and loved ones,it always like a wonder to me.


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