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Drive a Secured Digital Transformation with ESDS eNlight WebVPN

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  • Drive a Secured Digital Transformation with ESDS eNlight WebVPN

    Today enterprises are forced used to legacy and client-based VPNs, resulting in the installation of VPN at all user devices. These client-based VPNs results in the slowness of applications and delays in service delivery.

    Addressing every concern associated with the client-based VPNs, ESDS has introduced the first of its kind, clientless and highly scalable eNlight WebVPN. With eNlight WebVPN, enterprises can now easily access remotely hosted applications. eNlight WebVPN is a trusted, cost-effective clientless SSL VPN solution that can be accessed from any location through web browsers.

    eNlight WebVPN offers users an intelligent & cloud-hosted VPN solution that has an in-built WAF for offering Layer 7 Security. The WAF protects web applications from OWASP Top-10 along with other online threats and vulnerabilities. WebVPN also has a high-performance incoming TCP load balancer along with a proxy balancer for robust multi-layered load balancing.

    Why Choose WebVPN

    • Enhanced Security- Enable TLS for controlling user reputation, set up access and restrict OWASP Top-10 vulnerability attacks

    • High Availability- Any number of nodes can be added to the cluster for increasing the traffic capacity as eNlight WebVPN runs like an active cluster

    • Load Distribution- WebVPN distributes the incoming traffic across all nodes in the cluster, which is followed by dispatching of the traffic to multiple web servers

    • Anomaly Detection- WebVPN integrates anomaly detection, enabling the Admin User to identify any risk-related behaviors by creating effective filtering policies

    Benefits of WebVPN

    • Clientless SSL WebVPN Solution
    • Granular Access Control to Users
    • Easy to Deploy & Use
    • In-built WAF for OWASP Top-10 Vulnerabilities
    • Cost-effective VPN Solution

    So, why wait longer? Get Secured Access to Remotely-Hosted Resources with ESDS eNlight WebVPN

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    Purpose of VPN encryption safeguards your online data. So, the primary function of a VPN is to keep you clean, protected, and anonymous when browsing the internet. A VPN, in essence, seeks to provide a private channel from which it can securely transfer the data over the internet. All of your data is secure since a VPN creates a secret and encrypted channel. Instead of going straight down the risky internet path, the data is routed through the VPN path, which is protected by tight encryption. VPN server location also masks your IP address and gives you a new one. As a result, your entire online profile is made anonymous.


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