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Drive a Secured Digital Transformation with ESDS eNlight WebVPN

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  • Drive a Secured Digital Transformation with ESDS eNlight WebVPN

    Today enterprises are forced used to legacy and client-based VPNs, resulting in the installation of VPN at all user devices. These client-based VPNs results in the slowness of applications and delays in service delivery.

    Addressing every concern associated with the client-based VPNs, ESDS has introduced the first of its kind, clientless and highly scalable eNlight WebVPN. With eNlight WebVPN, enterprises can now easily access remotely hosted applications. eNlight WebVPN is a trusted, cost-effective clientless SSL VPN solution that can be accessed from any location through web browsers.

    eNlight WebVPN offers users an intelligent & cloud-hosted VPN solution that has an in-built WAF for offering Layer 7 Security. The WAF protects web applications from OWASP Top-10 along with other online threats and vulnerabilities. WebVPN also has a high-performance incoming TCP load balancer along with a proxy balancer for robust multi-layered load balancing.

    Why Choose WebVPN

    • Enhanced Security- Enable TLS for controlling user reputation, set up access and restrict OWASP Top-10 vulnerability attacks

    • High Availability- Any number of nodes can be added to the cluster for increasing the traffic capacity as eNlight WebVPN runs like an active cluster

    • Load Distribution- WebVPN distributes the incoming traffic across all nodes in the cluster, which is followed by dispatching of the traffic to multiple web servers

    • Anomaly Detection- WebVPN integrates anomaly detection, enabling the Admin User to identify any risk-related behaviors by creating effective filtering policies

    Benefits of WebVPN

    • Clientless SSL WebVPN Solution
    • Granular Access Control to Users
    • Easy to Deploy & Use
    • In-built WAF for OWASP Top-10 Vulnerabilities
    • Cost-effective VPN Solution

    So, why wait longer? Get Secured Access to Remotely-Hosted Resources with ESDS eNlight WebVPN

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