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  • Greatest technology

    What do you think is the greatest technology invention? What is the contribution of it in our society? How does it change our lives?

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    I think for me is the devices for communication. I'm really enjoying the tech of communicating with people wherever they are and one get access to every thing that will have been limited due to distance or time.The internet has made the world a global village and its amazing


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      I think the internet. Internet makes our life easier. We can do what ever we want using the computer. We are able to learn, new ideas, transmit files and messages in an instant. We can communicate well and by using the video calls your love ones looks like just near you.


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        The internet is probably one of the greatest technology contributions of mankind. I say just one because the internet cannot really stand by itself without the other pre-existing technologies like the pc and the platforms that run these pcs. Microsoft for example came after their first pc and if you go back, it will lead us basically to the first adding machines, the first computer ever. They say that the pcs that run the apollo missions to the moon only ran on some hundred on kbs relatively slower or smaller in capacity than the present pcs with more mega bytes. It's actually an evolution when it cmes to technology as with everything else.


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          Internet is one of the greatest technology for me since internet really makes our life easier. We can't deny the fact that most of us use internet daily for different reasons. There are some who uses internet for online games like Dota 2, LoL, others. Also there are some users who uses internet for browsing things, research and many more. There are so many uses of internet and no one can deny it. Internet is so helpful and that's why I believe that Internet is the greatest technology for now.


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