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Beware of Malware, Threat and Viruses with ESDS VTMScan

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  • Beware of Malware, Threat and Viruses with ESDS VTMScan

    Today cyber security is an everyday issue for companies trying to safeguard their online assets. It is becoming an increasingly challenging task for companies to protect their website from online malware.

    VTMScan is basically a Malware, Threat and Vulnerability scanner which thoroughly scans your website and detects any type of irregularities related to any potential threat to your website.

    VTMScan scans the top 5 vulnerabilities which are as follows:

    Content Management System (CMS)

    VTMScan first detects through which CMS the website is built, and then it scans for the themes, plug-ins, and un-protected admin area. Then it scans CMS in all possible directories to find vulnerabilities.

    Phishing Scan

    VTMScan detects suspicious Puny code Phishing URLs, finds similar-looking domains that the attacker uses to trick you and also detects typo squatting URLs.

    Malware Scan

    VTMScan is an anti-malware scanner, which detects malicious code in your website and provides alerts in case it finds malware. VTMScan also scans for page defacements and check JavaScript codes against generic signatures for vulnerabilities. Our algorithm also checks third party links.

    Cross-Site Scripting

    VTMScan scans the client’s website script through injecting a Payload in the script. If the client sees a pop up on his website after injecting the payload, then his site is vulnerable to attacks.

    SQL Injection

    VTMScan scans Blind SQL injection, Time based SQL, Error based SQL and Boolean based SQL in a client’s website script.

    If you’re looking to secure your website and web applications, then ESDS VTMScan is an all-in-one vulnerability scanner equipped with the latest scanning features.

    ESDS VTMScan secures your website against some top vulnerabilities at very cost-effective prices.You can also avail of the Exclusive Web Security Offer from ESDS. Get an instant 20% OFF discount and secure your website now.

    To avail of this offer, just use the provided coupon code- VTM2020 at the time of billing.

    To know more about ESDS VTMScan, don’t forget to visit-
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