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How often do you update your operating system?

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  • How often do you update your operating system?

    Good Day, Best Web Hosting Community!

    Our desktop operating systems always have system updates. They are issued by the developers of the operating system on a regular schedule or sometimes in an emergency. Some operating system updates add new features to the operating system. Some are security updates and are sometimes sent to the users immediately after addressing the security flaw in the operating system.

    Some people try to cancel these updates and postpone them for a long time because they are a hassle to install. They take up too much internet bandwidth and they will also nag you to restart your device to finish installing them.

    How about you? How often do you update your operating system?

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    Not often at all, as a matter of fact, I've had the same one for years. Windows 7 works well for me and I'd like to avoid all the time that it takes to get another operating system, so I just kept windows 7 since its more practical for me.


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      Honestly I tend to be pretty bad with this, and tend to postpone updates as well. If my computer starts to seem like it's running slow or ineffectively, then I usually run whatever updates are pending to see if that fixes the problem. I probably need to be more diligent with that side of things - but I find that those updates seem to come at really frustrating times when I'm in the middle of doing a bunch of work. I usually put them off and then forget about them...oops!


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        I try to update it as soon as possible especially when I noticed some dullness in speed I know I need to put in order by upgrading or updating it.I believe it makes our PC to be in consonant with internet work for more effectiveness and efficiency.


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          Whenever an update shows up on my screen I don't hesistaed to update my system because I know it still for the well-being of my system,I used to ignore them before now until i had to learn it the hard way.I believe updating it wouldn't take forever,so why don't I simply update it for a better operating system.


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            As long as my computer system is working fine I don't see the need to update my operating system since some of the new updates might bring further issues instead of solving them. However, I don't have anything against those that updates their operating operating system for that is the decision they decide to take.


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              As long as it is needed to update I update it, if it is working on a proper way I didn't update yet but if I saw something unusual to my computer system then that is the time to update it.


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