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Migrate GoDaddy IMAP Mailboxes to Office 365

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  • Migrate GoDaddy IMAP Mailboxes to Office 365

    Here is the roadmap for how to migrate godaddy email to office 365

    1. Login to Office 365 Admin center, the go-to Admin Center, and click Exchange.
    2. Follow recipients>>migration.
    3. Click Add (+) and select Migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online.
    4. Select the last option of ‘IMAP migration (supported by Exchange and another email system).’
    5. Click ‘Choose File’ and browse the CSV file you created for the GoDaddy email.
    6. At the ‘IMAP migration configuration‘ page, fill the details for the IMAP server (imap. secureserver. net), Authentication (Basic), Encryption (SSL), Port (993). Then click Next.
    7. Provide a name to the batch migration, select the Bad Item limit, Large Item limit, and exclude folder. Click Next.
    8. Use the Browse button and select the user(s) who will get the notification at various migration stages. Then choose the option to start the migration.
    9. After completing the prerequisites for the migration, the batch migration will start and show its status as ‘syncing.’
    10. You can click the View details link and get the current status of the batch items.
    11. Finally, when all the emails are migrated from GoDaddy to Office 365, then the status of the batch will change to synced.’
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