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Windows Defender is really work?

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  • Windows Defender is really work?

    I use windows 10 and my anti virus is Windows Defender by microsoft company is it really good anti virus?

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    For what I understand, is good but it still has a lot of room to improve. there are better antivirus that can give you a more complete protection againt virus, while Defender will probably just work for the most common ones. If you travel the internet safely it should work well enough, but by downloading shady things even the best anti-virus will have problems keeping your pc safe from threats. Personally I used to have it, but didn't really trust much on it, so I changed to ESET that makes me feel more confortable.


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      I am using windows defender back when i was in college and it did'nt help at all. I keep on updating it up there are still bugs on it. So i switched to Avida when i learned about other antiviruses. And so happy i switched.


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        I think yes. I'm using windows 8 and my windows defender did a great job to blocked those unwanted files and apps who automatically trying to install on my computer without my permission. All I hate about the windows defender is the updates, almost every day I need to update this anti virus and it makes my computer run slow.


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