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Buying a gaming console!?

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  • Buying a gaming console!?

    Hello everybody,
    I am or actually was always a classic PC gamer. Since my PC is not that good anymore I was thinking to buy a gaming console. I have never owned one and I am even not sure which one to buy. Is it worth it to buy a console or should I just upgrade my PC hardware?

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    I'm not a console type either but if you wanna buy the PS4, then the Pro version (you can read more about consoles here
    And on the subject of upgrading your PC, we would first have to know what hardware you have currently installed. But with Steam big picture Mode, you also have a good console-inspired UI, which can be easily operated from the sofa to the controller.
    Whether it is more "worthwhile" to upgrade you're PC or buy a new console depends from your budget...


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