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Why the power of Wikipedia should never be underestimated

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  • Why the power of Wikipedia should never be underestimated

    I think the misconception of viewing Wikipedia as a platform dedicated to being an online encyclopedia needs to go away. The core foundation of Wikipedia is extremely profound and people need to be aware of it. I have researched and found that it currently holds over 30 million users and it is not a very small number. It was easy for me to find the best Wikipedia page creation service Australia as the popularity of the platform has made its services available around the world. I think you can call it one of the most powerful marketing platforms to ever exist. Do you people agree with my statement?


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    I simply don't think there is any kind of information that is not available on Wikipedia. It's the world bank of all information in my opinion because I haven't seen any research that wouldn't take you to Wikipedia page or article for more information on the topic you are researching about. Sometimes, I keep wondering how the Wikipedia articles are being updated because there are billions of data to be attended to.


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