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Gaming Rig or Gaming Laptop?

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  • Gaming Rig or Gaming Laptop?

    I've always preferred using a PC for running my computer games, but I've been thinking of upgrading recently. Is it advisable to get a new rig, or should I try something new and get myself a gaming laptop? Which would offer a better deal graphics-wise?

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    Personally, I prefer to buy new gaming laptop to avoid hassle. I can choose gaming laptop with good features/specification than upgrading.This will only makes me confused in terms of computer hardware compatibility. I like to use the readily available computer set for much better performance. I want to enjoy it without worries since it has product warranty. Plus, it is also possible to have lesser expenses than upgrading.


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      For me I would choose Gaming Rig by far. Because it has Better graphics, also has an SSD, and overall is just way better as an investment as it will be upgradeable leaving aside comparative performance benefits currently.


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