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Necessity of CCT at home and in the neighborhood

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  • Necessity of CCT at home and in the neighborhood

    We installed a CCTV system last year to give us peace of mind. The evening news is always rife with incidents of thievery that were caught by the CCTV camera. It is scary to think that your home is not secured by CCTV because burglars are generally turned off by homes with CCTV cameras. Even the streets are now covered by CCTV cameras of the community administration office called Barangay. They use the CCTV to catch criminals. I guess the CCTV will be common everywhere that we are like having a big brother looking out for us all the time.

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    Definitely,that's the whole essence of having the cameras installed and spending so much to have in one's home. Criminals will never ceased to exist and as such we should always beef up security and have a way of getting them arrested even if they have a way of getting to us. I hope there will come a time everyone will be able to afford will be a very good thing to have.


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      Having a CCTV are big help to prevent burglars away but that is not the case always. Specially if they are desperate to rub your house. One thing about the CCTV is that you will spend much from buying it to renting someone to install it for you. Not all CCTV captures good quality video, you need to spend a lot just to have a decent CCTV. It is also nice if they will add features where sound will be capture to the CCTV itself.


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