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Saying goodbye to Windows XP

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  • Saying goodbye to Windows XP

    Our old desktop is running on Windows XP and it is encountering so many issues already that we have decided to retire it this coming year. It is still good for word processing and some other chores including the internet but sometimes it is frustrating that some software wouldn't work because they do not support Windows XP anymore. Even with the Google Chrome there are sites that it couldn't open and updates are not available. Even the ad blocker of Chrome doesn't work. Maybe it is really time to move on to another operating system.

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    I think that it is really a high time to move on from your XP system. Windows XP was great back in a day, no doubt! But you should upgrade! As you said, XP does not have support anymore, many applications and browsers are not working. Also, the updates are no longer coming out which means that the official support has ended. This may cause large problems to your computer. I would advise you to upgrade as soon as possible ( Windows 10 or Windows 7 ).


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      Indeed it is time to move on to another operating system. XP had a good run, but it just can't cope up with newer versions of software, heck some might not even support it. You'll just have issues in the long run. Go with the latest and most up to date OS which is Windows 10.


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        Technology work so fast. As time goes on the requirement needed in order for you to use a certain software change . Just like mobile phone , certain apps. require higher OS version in order for you to use it. You can try to change your operating system to windows 10 but I'm sure it wont function will since the old parts can't handle it will. Buying a new one would be the best choose.


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