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Having 2 archives for backup of files

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  • Having 2 archives for backup of files

    In our office, it is a standard to have 2 bcakup disks for important files. The idea is when one archive disk got corrupted then there is a fall back. It is usual for personal users to have only 1 archive for their files that the idea is their files are active in the computer and the archive that is usually portable is enough. The question is when the archive has a problem that you cannot access it anymore, it is good if all your files are present in the computer's disk. What if the archive is so big that the content cannot fit in the disk of the computer?

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    With the present situation where malware and viruses are galore then more than two backup for the most important files is paramount. It is not for companies only but even for individuals. Many people have lost files due to lack of a backup.


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