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Online stores will dominate offline stores in the near future

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  • Online stores will dominate offline stores in the near future

    I had read a newspaper article that online stores industry is beginning to flex its muscles. Maybe it is more of the Amazon but we also have our own online store giant called Lazada. The greatest advantage that I see in online stores is the convenience of finding the products. All I do is to click on the search and I will be given a page that shows a list of my preferred product. With offline stores, I have to scour the mall for an item that is rare to find. Another advantage of online stores is the convenience of delivery much more when the scheme of purchase is COD which means the client is given the benefit of assurance that the purchased product will be delivered otherwise there is no need to pay.

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    Online buying can also be done in the comfort of your house while offline you need to travel to the mall. It also happens that when you shop online you can get commodities from all over the world while offline commodities are often local ones.


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      The advantages of shopping online once fully developed will totally outweigh the gains we have from buying from offline stores, and I am looking at a situation where the risk of buying defect products from online stores can reduce. I think once we are able to sort that part of online shop out, everything will work pretty fine and many people will feel better shopping on e-commerce sites.


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