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Are Smart TVs worth the investment?

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  • Are Smart TVs worth the investment?

    Smart television is increasingly becoming popular and many people are preferring to buy a Smart TV instead of the ordinary television sets. Smart TVs can be used to connect to the internet.. what is your view about this growing trend of Smart TVs ? do you own one. Do you feel it is worth the investment? share your views in this regard.

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    The Internet on the Smart TV is often very slow and lagging.. unless you have a really recent model, you are better off connecting a laptop to your TV and just browsing with a mouse/keyboard on a big screen. I don't like Smart TVs as much and they are really overpriced, I'd rather just get a normal TV set and keep the money for another device or piece of technology.


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      The cost of smart tv here is more than 50% of the cost of the ordinary tv. It may be a good option for the wealthy who wants to experience something that is out of the ordinary. I have seen the demo of the smart tv in the mall and it is amazing when you can use it for internet purposes. But come to think of it, why do you need a big screen for the internet when you can use even your phone's small screen. I don't think I will buy a smart tv unless the cost will be the same as the ordinary tv.


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        I don't own a smart tv. . I find it unnecessary to buy for it. I already have devices and I think they're enough. It maybe a smart tv but not a smart choice since it's not affordable.Things you will do is still the same with your device, it's just that Smart tv has a wider screen.


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          Yes, they are worth. Best is from Samsung.


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