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What are the specs of your first ever PC?

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  • What are the specs of your first ever PC?

    Mine was a Clone an assembled brand less unit, which costs around $175. It's a PC XT with a monochrome monitor, it's the green screen one. It has two 5.25 Floppy Drives and a 3.5 Floppy Drive, it only has 640 KB of RAM and runs on DOS and Windows 3.1, I think.

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    I couldn't remember our first personal computer model. But, I recalled using a MS- DOS diskette to run the computer. I use wordstar and lotus 123 as the application. This equivalent to MsWord and Excel in Microsoft. It was difficult before because you have to use a lot of commands from the beginning and ending of a word if you want to format a font or paragraph. Everything is in manual mode. It feels classic and old. Unlike, today microsoft made everything easy.


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      Our first PC at home was purchased in September 1993. It has a memory of 32 kb and a hard disk with a capacity of 70 mb. It was running on MS-DOS which was installed in the hard disk. When the first version of Windows came out in the market, we tried to install a demo version just to see if the graphics will appear. It wouldn’t install so what we did was to install the modules. Voila, the Windows graphics appeared but it took some 3 minutes before the display of the homepage was completed. That was how slow our first PC was.


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