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    I remember in the 80's when I first saw the series Knight Rider, which features Kit a black transam with an onboard computer and a thinking A.I. Back then people where saying that by the year 2000 it would all be a reality, but that wasn't the case, Artificial Intelligence did not developed that fast and cars and computers haven't really merge that well, except for the experimental driverless car which still has a lot of quirks.

    What are your thoughts about computer driven cars?

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    I would still prefer the manual car, old fashion one. Because I am always in control. It's less risky compared to computer generated cars. Thou, artificial intelligence has the reach the minds of developers and programmers but it needs more improvement. There are many things that a humans can do and computers can't.


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      When we bought our Ford Escape, I had seen in the showroom the Ford Focus which is more expensive. I didn’t know that the Focus was a self-parking car which means it can park by itself. That was 2013 and such car was incredible so I thought it was just a blurb. But later on I have learned that the Ford Focus could actually park itself without the assistance from the human driver. Lately I had read that a driver-less car in northern California had killed a pedestrian. That goes to show that the future of automated cars is already here.


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        I think it's okay to rely on the computers on the car, as long as you've seen it function and have not heard of any malfunctions. I tried driving a car with cruise control before and even then I can't have 100% confidence it's not going to crash because of the news I've read on this feature. One feature I really like though is the auto parallel parking. I car steers itself into position. I'm really bad at measuring distances so I suck at tight spaces. I'll gladly buy a car with this specific feature.


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