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  • Availing of new operating system

    This is about the operating system of Windows. Do you avail of the new releases when there is a new operating system? I remember using Windows 98 when our boss upgraded our operating system to Windows 2000. In the more recent years, there was the Windows Vista if you still remember it. We did not upgrade to that because we are usually waiting for feedback from those who are using it. The most recent upgrade that we did not avail was the Windows 8. We remained on Windows 7 for our office computers. When Windows 10 came out, we were again in the lookout and until now that latest OS from Microsoft is still under observation.

    Do you have something to say about Windows 10?

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    I love Windows 10. This is the windows I use. When It first came out, it was horrible. It had many bugs and used to hang. I think with time Microsoft improved it. It also has quite a few updates. I will say that every few months it automatically asks to update your system. I liked windows 7, but I know can't imagine using anything else. I would advise that you change to windows 10, inevitably being on windows 7 will affect your PC's performance because the update's won't be as frequent as say on windows 10. However you need to have a modern windows PC. If it is an old system that it will not be able to handle windows 10. I always recommend that someone try something out. If they don't like it they can always go back.


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      I didn't avail of the new Windows 10 when it first came out. First releases always has some bugs in them since they were rushed to production. Plus most applications at the time weren't even compatible with 10. I wouldn't really upgrade to the latest and greatest so easily when it first comes out for this very reason. I stuck with 8 even when Windows was offering free upgrades to 10 for a limited amount of time. The amount of frustration people had when they first installed 10 confirmed my advice.


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        This will be my next goal, tho I need to save some money first because buying a new operating system on this days if you really want a really good gaming experience, you should invest a lot of money from it.


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          I have very recently purchased my new laptop and windows10 is pre-installed in my laptop. I have used almost all the older versions of windows on my desktop that I used before. I have not found any problems using the Windows 10 version on my laptop till now. Many of my friends use other operating systems like Linux but I have found Windows much easier and convenient to use


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