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Do you own a drone?

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  • Do you own a drone?

    More and more people are using drones nowadays. Most use it in photography while others just wants to play fly it. You can easily buy one on Amazon or AliExpress where it's cheaper. Mini Drones cost about $15-$75 for beginners and its really fun flying it.

    Do you own a drone? Have you ever flown one?

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    I haven't tried owning a drone since they're expensive. There maybe some cheaper brand but I don't know if it will perform at it's best quality. It might only be ruined in a short span of usage. But, I get to fly one remote control helicopter in my younger days. I had so much fun. I get to watched someone playing with drone lately but I think his not good at it. The drone was out of control. It crushed and landed on the mud.


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      My husband is an amateur in video and photography since we bought our first digital camera in 2004. Now he is doing a research on the drone because he plans to buy one before Christmas as a gift to himself. But the issue with the drone is the safety. What if the drone falls on a car or worse on a person that caused injury? The aviation authority has issued a guideline for drones that should be used outside the city. Maybe we are over-acting on the safety issue but it is not a good idea to gamble with the safety of people. Maybe when the drone becomes very popular then it is the time to buy one.


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        I am planning to buy a drone in the near future. I want to use it as taking pictures in the sky. I watched some videos regarding to this thing and I find it very good and easy to use for the beginner. I love watching vlogs using drones also.


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          I don't own a drone, tho I love to try controlling a drone someday. Because I think it's exciting and it can build up my skills in photography.


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            I don't own a Drone but I have flown it once and it was really exciting to use it for the first time. I think that the use of a drone is becoming more popular in the field of Photography. On most of the social occasions like engagements and marriages, people are preferring to use drone photography instead of the conventional methods of taking pictures.


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              I don't own one but my cousin does and she mentioned that having a drone was one of the best investments she has ever made. Not only it takes amazing photographs and videos, so she doesn't have to hire someone professionally, but it can carry small packages around the yard and house and it's quite hilarious. If you are a traveler, she recommends having a drone. There are some types of scenery and landscape that are better shot airborne. I am considering buying one as well!


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