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Best video editing software?

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  • Best video editing software?

    I am talking about software for PC/Laptop, not mobile. Just as a previous question I posed about image editing software, which video editing programs have you tried and consider the most user-friendly? I have been using Sony's Vegas for about 10 years, but I am thinking of switching to something more complex. I have tried Adobe's After Effects, and while it made me extremely confused, I enjoyed playing around in it. I think it will be a while until I can successfully use it for editing.

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    At home we are using the Adobe Premiere but not the latest version. The old version is convenient to use for video editing although there are issues with the format of the video. It can only access avi videos properly that have Cinepak coding. Besides, the version of our premiere can only edit SD videos. It cannot handle HD videos yet. We tried to obtain an installer for the newer version but it wouldn't run on our desktop which is under Windows XP. I still don't know the technical complications.


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