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Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen

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  • Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen

    Paul Allen died earlier today from cancer related causes. He was the one who convinced Bill Gates to drop out of college to form a Tech Company and since then the partnership blossomed to what Microsoft is now.

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    Yes, I heard. Bill Gates posted a photo on his Instagram account (Bill and Paul side by side) commemorating and thanking the man for all of his contributions to his life and company. RIP Paul Allen, May God bless your soul.


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      This is sad news because I know that Paul Allen is still young. He may just be 65 or younger, same age as Bill Gates. What kind of cancer did Paul Allen had? Maybe it is an isolated case because it is not a good idea to link his death with that of Steve Jobs who also died of cancer. Anyway, this goes to show that money cannot do anything when it comes to health so we just have to be judicious with what we are doing in our daily life especially the food that we eat and the vices that we indulge in.


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        May his soul rest in peace ( Paul Allen ) and prayers for the bereave family. His works and contribution in technology is remarkable. He will forever be remembered. This is one chapter of our life that we have to accept and move on.


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          It's always sad when well respected people pass away, but I do think that it sounds like he achieved incredible things in his life - and I think that's all most of us can hope for with our time on this planet. If we're productive and help others along the way, that's a sign of a good life to me


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            Paul Allen is definitely a legend in the technology industry who has contributed in revolutionalizing the manner in which a majority of operations are conducted in the modern day. Bill Gates said that he dreamed of a computer that each one could have and this has been achieved with many benefits all across the world.


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