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Upgrading or Buying a New PC or Laptop

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  • Upgrading or Buying a New PC or Laptop

    Do you upgrade your computer or do you just buy a new one? Whenever I think that my PC or Laptop is not performing at par with the mainstream PC's, I would ask myself and ponder what to do. Is upgrading really a good option or is it better to just buy a new one?

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    For my laptop I would choose to purchase a new one. It's already really old and broken, and new laptops look more sleek and business-like. Adding new parts to it would probably end up in a mess. For my desktop computer, I would upgrade the parts. It's easier and cheaper than buying a whole new computer, plus I can get offers on certain products during special events (like Black Friday).


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      I think the choice between upgrading an old computer or laptop or buying a new one will depend on many factors. Some computers may be very old and upgrading them to the latest versions may not be technically possible sometimes. if on the other hand, the computer is not very old then an upgrade may be possible, but then again the cost of upgrading may more or less be the same as buying a new one. I would most probably go and buy a brand new computer rather than spending my money on an old computer.


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        I would go on upgrading because the hardware on my PC is still new and it just needs to be upgraded due to fast-growing technology on the computer.


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          In the olden days it was common for those with no budget to upgrade the computer particularly the memory for expansion and the hard disk for a bigger capacity. But now it is not advisable to do that because the old computers seem to be outdated by the new models. One example is our desktop which we purchased in 2009. It has a 32-bit processor that couldn't properly run Windows 7 and some new software versions. If we will upgrade it then we would have to spend and the computer will remain old. In that context, it is best to buy a new computer set that will fill in your needs for computing.


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            I prefer to buy new one than upgrading to avoid hassle. I don't know if the laptop is still compatible with the new hardware. It might only lead to expenses similar to a newly purchase unit. Computer nowadays are like disposable. It will only be used for several years because it easily get damage.


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              When something starts happening to affect my laptop's performance, I've always gone out and bought a new one. Generally speaking these days laptops are pretty reasonably priced and I think often the cost is in line with what you'd pay to upgrade it anyway.

              In fact I've been noticing my laptop has been getting slower and slower so I feel like it's almost time for a new one for me, actually!


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