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Do you think Facebook is aiming to compete with Google?

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  • Do you think Facebook is aiming to compete with Google?

    From Search Engine, Smartphones to Social Media Google has encompassed almost all the fields of technology nowadays. And Google is no way stopping on its bid for globa techl domination, then there's Facebook which is also diversifying in all angles.

    Do you think that Mark is planning to compete toe to toe with Google in the near future?

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    I don't think this is the case that we have. One thing that I see happening is Facebook trying to remain relevant in the world of lots of social media platforms that are coming up on a daily basis. I believe that this is one of the ways that you can get to see the reason Facebook now have new features like live streaming and the rest of them.


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      I'm sure they will. No one can tell where Facebook will diversify in 10 years time. It is getting bigger and bigger, and they might create apps and services to compete with Google in the long run, like having their own native Maps app, etc. They can also come up with an operating system for a smartphone (like Android) or even venture into search.


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        They are 2 different animals, so to speak, so I don't see how Facebook will compete with a search engine when it is a social media network. Even if Facebook has the most number of users, you cannot use that for competing with another giant particularly in the game that you are not well versed with. Google has been on top for the longest time in the search engine industry and I guess it will remain that way until a new search engine that is powerful enough will come to the scene. As with Facebook, it can stay as the number 1 social media network in terms of patronage. Those 2 sites are better that way.


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          I don't think if facebook is competing with google. They're separate entity that caters different services. Both have been excellent in their own field. The only thing I'm sure is they will always find ways to innovate and improve their services.


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            Facebook is one of the most used online social media in the world today with more than 2 billion people using the social network. An active and average person has at least 2 Facebook accounts, so multiply it by the people using it and see the real numbers of people using it. But I don't know if it can compete with Google in the same level. Google works in another sphere.


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