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Do you build your own PC?

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  • Do you build your own PC?

    Recently many gamers and PC enthusiasts prefer to build their own setups rather than buying already pre-built computers. There are a myriad of articles on the Internet about this topic and even some PC building simulating games which help with the tedious task of finding the fitting parts for your ideal build. I am wondering what is the general opinion of the people here? I personally bought a pre-built PC recently because I didn't know too much about the parts that go in the computer. After doing my research, I realized I could have purchased the same components cheaper if I got them separately. No use crying over spilt milk anyway!

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    I picked the parts of my PC and they assembled it for me. It is a local retailer here in the Philippines and it was for free. They included a free copy of Windows 10 for me which was nice. I didn't have to spend $100. There are services like this on the web. BLD - Custom Gaming PCs by NZXT

    BLD is a site where you can pick the parts of your PC and they'll gladly assemble it for you (fee is included in total price) It is owned by NZXT so expect the products to be from them.


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      I prefer laptops nowadays as it is more mobile and convenient for me so my answer will be no. Though I would love to build one someday and use it as a gaming rig. The most significant advantage of creating one yourself is the cost as it will surely lessen the price instead of buying it as a whole. As TPAM said, when you get to a shop, you select components as to your liking, and they will assemble it for you for free.


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        All our desktops were clones and were assembled by the dealer. We were given the option to choose the parts but we decided to just have their standard combinations of parts. Assembling a desktop with parts of different brands is susceptible to technical problems of incompatibility. That's what we want to avoid. It happened to a friend who chose the brands of the parts that later on he had to deal with the technical issue of the video card and even the monitor. That is one advantage of buying a laptop, It is one complete set just like a car from a dealer's shop which has a guarantee of efficiency and compatibility.


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          No I buy an already assembled one from the dealers I know that it might be cheaper here to buy in parts but I have always desired the expertise of dealers so that if there's any problem that needs their input I can meet them immediately.


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            I bought ready to use computer. It will be more convenient and hassle free. I don't like assembling it because I have few knowledge on computer hardware. It will take a long time and patience in assembling it. Plus, I need to consider the compatibility. I might ruin it instead of using it.


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