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  • Facebook of the Future

    When thinking about Facebook, I can't help to think about what Facebook would become 10 years from now. It has evolved from obscurity to become the biggest social media platform catering to billions of users. It's functions and services have now evolved to include live video streaming, online shop facilities and a lot more.

    What do you think will happen to Facebook in the future?

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    Tricky questions in the times we are living in. Facebook is still the biggest social media platform with the biggest social media audience but they are going through a rough patch at the moment. People the world over don't trust them anymore after it was reported that their platform may have been used to influence the US election and Brexit vote. People don't use it with the same enthusiasm that they used to. In my humble opinion, I think that other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram will take over. I think that in future Facebook will lose its place as the number 1 social media channel unless they do something drastic. I think it also does not help that they own Whats App and Instagram and they are becoming a monopoly. I don't know many people who are comfortable with monopolies anymore, especially when they have people's personal data. In the next 5 years I don't think Facebook will still be number one.


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      Mark is absolutely doing an awesome job with Facebook. There are a whole lot that is involved in Facebook that is not there in the past. It is one of the social media that is quite organized and easy to access as well. It is going to grow from strength to strength in the next 10 years as well.


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        I'm sure they are aiming for a direction that Google also threads. They would be diversifying on a lot of information technology fields and not just focus on social media. We can see it all now when they acquired Oculus, a virtual reality company. They might also invest in the field of medicine, who knows. Mark is just simply amazing, and he had a clear vision regarding what he wants for his company considering he is still young. Imagine what he can do when he reaches ages of Bill Gates and the like.


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          Well I think Facebook will be evolving more with better features than now and probably more people will still come on board to use the platform,it really a good platform for different things and might remain for a very long time.


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            I maybe wrong but maybe in the next 10years it wouldn't be the biggest trend on social media platform. It will be outdated and people are fed up with it. There will more competitors which are more reliable and effective. Sometimes, a company cannot sustain it's quality in terms of services because the user itself has upgraded preferences.
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              Facebook has been one of the largest social media platforms so far and It's pretty easy to navigate through it. It's good to know that it's also diversifying into other sectors and buying over some companies. In ten years I can't say where Facebook would be because people are always coming up with better ideas and technology keeps evolving. Before Facebook came we had MySpace and the likes but where are they today? Just the way Facebook took over and became the leading social media platforms we use today, another company might come up in the future.


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