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What is the future of Social Media?

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  • What is the future of Social Media?

    Social Media has become a very powerful platform over the years and such is now considered as a part of mainstream media. Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram is a potent tool for businesses and a good platform for people to reach out to the world.

    Facebook is the king of social media platforms and has more than a billion users worldwide making it the most influential and popular platform.

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    In the future, I still look at Facebook still dominating as they are always ahead of the pack. You can't really get to understand the full benefits of Facebook till you get to use some of their features and this is one thing that I think will make them relevant in the future.


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      As I get older, I check my social media accounts less often compared to the past few years when I'm very active. Like, I post everything I eat, tag who am I together with, pin my location and share other's story.

      Maybe, the younger you are, the more of time you have for these kind of scheme in a day. But, for adults who are becoming busy in earning bucks like me, chances are, they spend free time in leisures to relax or just simply rest at the comfort of their home.

      So I guess, social media sites will soon be forgotten and there would be more mobile or software applications will rise in the near future that would be more beneficial for all ages.
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        Social media is getting more stronger than all other conventional forms of media and I think it will continue to become stronger with every passing media has started influencing each and every part of our life. Even the politicians and promimnent personalities are giving a lot of importance to there presence on social media. I think one must be able to change according to the changing times and try and use social media to there advantage


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          My take on the future of social media is that it will be the parallel of the traditional media in terms of disseminating news and information. The only problem is the fake news and false information that are circulating in social media caused by the ignorance of most users. When they receive a warning about an earthquake, they readily forward it to their friends. Yesterday I received a video about a pack of noodles that is not worth eating because of an unsavory ingredient. I dismissed that video to be fake because I couldn't find it in the traditional media. Anyway, social media is growing and I hope the users will be maturing in due time.


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            I guess the future of social media will be in chaos. There will more haters than lovers. People are more aggressive and dominant in expressing their ideas and opinions It will be a medium of voices and rights of irrelevant reasons. I' read a lot of simple post that earned arguments and conflicts.Some people on social media likes to display affection to get attention from any point in the world. I just hope that users know their responsibility and obligation in using any platform. To be free from harm and not to harm others.


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