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What would technology be look like after 30-50 years?

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  • What would technology be look like after 30-50 years?

    Artificial Intelligence is not new to us. There are old movies and documentary about it and many scientist are interested and currently working to improve how it works. In the future, all electronic machines might have Artificial Intelligence like your own refrigerator that automatically opens or closes, adjust the temperature with your command. Or we might see drones who are a fireman, policeman, security guards, etc. It will actually help and benefit us but it's electronic and could possibly be hacked so it also makes me worry and afraid about the disadvantages of the out come. Well, let's hope for the best in the future.

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    I guess there will be more robots than humans. Both, entity will have equal rights. Everything will be in advance technology. Even the way you breath will be detected. Our natural environment will be replace with machines. We have flying vehicles for transportation. Probably, all the disease will have cure. I guess, I'm no longer alive when this happen.


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