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How long would Google be number 1?

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  • How long would Google be number 1?

    Can Google's stay in the number 1 spot foeever? Is there any challenger that can be a major threat?

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    Honestly I feel like Google as a company are pretty progressive - they seem to not just rest on their laurels but always go out innovating new things. I think this is a big part of their dominance for so long, and I think it's what keeps them in the top spot. Can they stay there forever...well, that's almost impossible to answer but I think if they keep innovating and staying fresh they'll definitely either remain in top spot or as a key contender.


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      Google had really gained authority as a search engine for a long time now. If you try using other search engines, you can already tell why they dominated. It's the most convenient tool and there haven't been any other search engines that come close, from what I know. It will take Herculean task I can say, lots of features and innovation for another company to sideswipe them from being on top.


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        Google is always on top of its game,bringing on new innovations ,features and adding more creativity to its services so I don't believe it wouldn't be here for a very long time.Well,until another come around to prove it worth Google will continue to take it's place as the number 1 giant .Lasting forever no I don't think so.


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