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    How do you think social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram evolve 5-10 years from now?

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    I think they will just branch out more and more - for Instagram I think they'll be more opportunities to connect with others and more emphasis placed on their stories option. I hope that eventually they get the memo and go back to a chronological timeline because that drives me nuts.

    Twitter seems to have gained in popularity as a method of people to vent their views, particularly political ones, so I imagine there will be more political parties and potential candidates on there too.


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      I'm optimistic that the social media platforms that we have now will evolved with better features. Facebook just added video calling to its service and so many good features like that will follow in the future that is if new platforms don't take over because we can't tell what developers are bringing forth next.


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        Most people are not making use of Facebook as it used to be and this is one of the reasons that make me think that Twitter and instagram are going to be around in the long-term with some major features being added to them as well.


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          I think after five to 10 years social media will change a lot. And new social media site will be launch that time. Other people don't use facebook to socialize instead they use instagram to communicate. And I observed that in every year social media has a lot of changes like in facebook having a live video, different backgrounds.


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            Predicting social media platforms after 10 years is difficult for now. We can expect more and more newer technologies in recent times that might overcome social media hurdles.
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