Unmetered Dedicated Servers | 10Gbps for 199 EUR‎

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Some examples of the uses of servers with high Internet port?
If you have services or software that’s need high-speed Internet access such as:

Game Servers
IPTV Servers
Download and upload servers
Streaming Servers
Also it’s protect against DDoS Attacks

Or any software or services that require high-speed Internet cables up to 10 GBPS, you must purchase 10 GBPS servers offered by CILVIN at cheap prices.

These servers are used extensively in streaming , through which you can carry a large amount of information coming out and entering through the network card.

Advantages of 10 GBPS Servers

High speed data transfer, like video and audio as used in the servers of live broadcasts, games and IPTV services
The best and fastest files transfer
10GBPS port is impossible to attack (DDoS), because of its high speed of incoming/outgoing and processing information via the network card
The best in the installation of games online, with 10GBPS Servers you can play games, without there being any LAG in the game or weakness in the game server Internet uplink.

you can buy 10 gbps server here : https://www.cilvin.com/10gbps-dedicated-server/

for more information login here : https://www.cilvin.com/10-gbps-serve...ernet-traffic/

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