The Internet has been surprising us for more than 30 years with the latest news and happenings. The availability of everyone on the mobiles has made it easy for hackers to steal the information, hack businesses data or bully someone based on their information.

Every now and then we hear the incident of cybercrime, data breaches and company information being stolen. But why does this all happen?

From online shopping to making friends, registering on websites online relationships stronger, we forgot the most common practice to protect our data.

If you survey the online users, you’ll notice the most common password the choose to keep is ‘123456,’ or ‘Qwerty,’ or just ‘password.’ These passwords are so common that anyone can get into your account and steal your information. Now, it’s up to them whether they use this information for advertising or blackmailing you.

But the responsibility lies on you to protect your data. And the first thing that you should follow is keeping a strong password. It’s highly important to secure your online account and that can only happen through keeping strong passwords. Although professional hackers can still steal your information despite keeping strong passwords you can stop the first attempt.

So, in this blog, I’ll share tips to keep your digital world secure by keeping strong passwords. And here’s how you can keep the passwords strong.

1. Never Choose your Name or your Country Name
Your name is Alexa and you keep the password, Alexa. Your country is Canada and you keep the password Canada. Now, how easy it will become to guess your password?

Anyone can do it. Even friends sitting by your side can also guess it and log in to your accounts. So, you should cut this practice while keeping your passwords. The golden tip is to think of a word that’s hard to guess. Picking a simple word that can be judged by our personality will make it easy to guess the password, remember it.

2. Think of a Long Password
The hackers have multiple ways to hack your account. The most common is guessing according to your personality and making several attempts. This results in having that one code to get into the account.

The second method is the ‘brute-force’ attack. It’s the method of using the application that runs on the account and bringing out your passwords pattern. It guesses the possible numbers, combination and symbols and the longer the password, the harder it is for the application to crack the code. Passwords that are three digits take only 3 seconds to crack.

3. Try a Nonsense Phrase
While keeping the password you shouldn’t care about grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s just you who will have it so nobody is going to judge you for that. The more stupid your password is, the harder it becomes to guess.

If possible use the combination of letters, symbols, and phrases as no matter how hard the hackers try, it will be impossible to guess.

In addition, you shouldn’t use the keyboard patterns that are easy to guess. For example, ‘ASDFGH,’ ‘QWERTY’ or ‘123456.’

Anybody can guess these passwords.

4. Avoid Using Obvious Information
If you run a business and use information that is obvious about you for example, your name, business name or pet name then you yourself are giving the trap to the hackers. Firstly, for business security, you should have cheap dedicated servers so you can keep yours and the client’s data secure. Secondly, you should avoid obvious information as your password.

And last, when you’re setting your password, make sure no one is around you as people can notice your finger patterns and guess which password are you keeping.

5. Don’t Use One Password Everywhere
Thinking for one strong password and keeping it everywhere is the worst practice that can doubt your security. If the hackers get successful in guessing the one password then it means the other account security will also be compromised. It’s dangerous.

So, keep different passwords and note it down so you can’t forget it later. Beware of hackers, they may be spying on you.