Hello, we be talking about the foundation of creating our awesome and interesting blog. First of all. Do not think of the profit first. Let it all be natural and aim for the satisfaction of your audience. Ask these things to yourself first before planning a design of your blog.

1. What am I blogging, is it about anime, movies, travelling, computer, technology, fashion, cars and so on.

2. Who is my target audience, is it students, workers, programmers, travellers, journalist and so on.

3. Assess your limits like your financial budget/funds.

4. Lastly, ask yourself if you are going to enjoy it. Because if you can't enjoy it then mark my words, your blog will not be successful. Love what you do.

Second, focus on contents, also on grammar, post-length, and of course quality. Write interesting articles that will find your audience interesting. Remember to keep the target audience in your mind while doing it.
Lastly, when your blog gain its popularity, DO NOT STOP. You can advertise on social media and forums to gain more readers. You can now also make your blog as an extra income. Just enjoy what you are doing and you are going to be successful in no time. Hope you liked my blog, you can also comment down if you want to add some more things that I did not mention. Thank you for reading.